These rates are competitive with other highly-skilled professional caricature/silhouette artists who are passionate about their craft. Your guests will receive a piece of original art that's undeniably "them". Emily keeps her hourly rate consistent for all  clients, so that everyone is treated fairly...meaning she does not discount or negotiate. She also does not work in return for exposure, nor charge per piece.

If your event is a fundraiser for a charitable cause, she suggests that a corporate or private individual sponsor the cost of booking---then the caricatures or silhouettes become the best kind of marketing you can have---something folks will hold on to and cherish! Your entity name and logo can be on each piece, which makes them powerhouses of marketing for you! The generosity of the donor can also be noted on each caricature or silhouette.

Emily is known for her extremely quick, amazingly spot-on likenesses (Caricatures: 12-14 faces per hour if shading, 18-20 faces per hour for line-drawings with no shading. Silhouettes: 18-20 profiles per hour).All caricatures are personalized with name of event and date, and are presented a clear plastic bag.

Silhouettes are personalized as well, and are presented in a translucent paper envelope. There are very, very few professional silhouette artists practicing this art, far fewer than there are caricaturists.

There may be a small travel fee or higher minimum time if more than 60 miles from Wilmington, DE.

Parking and tolls are the responsibilty of the client and can be paid at the event. 

Additional hours can be added on by Client, pro-rated, at event if Emily is available to stay.

Payment Options

For deposits for events and commissions, Emily accepts payment preferably by credit card online (she will invoice you by email) OR Paypal OR snail-mailed check or money order. For balances at events, if not paid prior to event by credit card, she prefers checks made out to 'Caricatures by Emily Byrne', but can also accept Venmo, or cash. 

Caricatures & Silhouettes by Emily Byrne

610 996 4064

Emily's rate for traditional live caricatures is $150 per hour with a two-hour minimum; with a three-hour minimum for wedding receptions or events beyond her service area (a 60 mile radius from Wilmington, DE).

The rate for virtual caricatures or silhouettes is $125 per hour with a one-hour minimum. 

Emily's rate for live silhouettes is $200 per hour (for single silhouettes).

Her Silhouette Wedding package is $250 per hour (for duplicate silhouettes for guestbook or collage, and full-length studio silhouette of couple.)